Underground Filming location in Snowdonia

Underground Mine and Cave Film and Television Location Set in Snowdonia North Wales

Film and Television Location

We frequently assist television and film production crews who wish to use the mine as a versatile and practical shooting location. Direct vehicle access to the entrance, large open passageways and cavernous chambers make our mine ideal for a range of applications.

We frequently get involved in the productions themselves by constructing sets and props, such as fake collapses, old rusty ladders, artefacts, wagons, cage doors and so forth.

We can also assist with filming in the beautiful lakes and mountains surrounding the mine, as although this land is not ours we can work with the land owners and facilitate obtaining the requisite permissions to ensure a smooth production.

There are a number of suitable landing spots for helicopters, and our capable 4x4s can carry crew and equipment alike. Or use them in your footage as interesting vehicles!

Please contact us to discuss using Cwmorthin as a location for your project.